About me

Hi! I’m Louise. I’m 31 & I live in Glasgow, Scotland. Welcome to my blog which will be focused on cakes, desserts & all things sweet!

That’s right – Betsy Pud is not my real name! Betsy Pud is a poem that stuck with me long after it was read to me from A Very First Poetry Book by John Foster. It tells of someone who ‘ate much more than a nice girl should’… which I felt was quite fitting to this blog! I am hoping I don’t end the way she does though…

You can expect to see reviews of afternoon tea, exciting desserts and cakes in and around Glasgow. There will be recipes for cakes, desserts and other sweet treats.

And what else? I’m not sure yet! It’s been a long time since I have done anything like this, so I am happy to let it develop organically and enjoy the process. I hope that you enjoy it too!