Review: Elfingrove

I went along to Elfingrove with Gem from Vegan Foodie Gems, who had been invited along by itison, last week. I was a little apprehensive as there had been a lot of negative reviews and bad press from the opening night, which was the day before we went, but I went along with an open mind, ready to have a fun evening!

I won’t give anything away as I know a lot of people hate spoilers, but I will say that I really enjoyed myself. I have been going to Kelvingrove all of my life, and it was really great to see it in a new light! There were lots of fun little areas and lots to see.

Outside, there is an array of food vendors, a silent disco, a bar set in a huge teepee with fire pits and, my favourite thing of all, Marshmallowland! I believe that this originated at the Glasglow event and was so popular they brought it back for Elfingrove. You buy yourself a marshmallow stick – they have vegan choices too – and then toast it on a fire pit and tuck it to delicious, soft, melty marshmallows! Yum

Of course, they have savoury choices too! These include The Cheesy Toast Shack, Freddy and Hicks, Nomad Pizza, and Shrimp Wreck.

For dessert, I had this delicious Nutella brownie with cream & chocolate sauce from Three Sisters Bake, which I would definitely recommend! Loop & Scoop‘s churro van was there too, as well as a waffle vendor!

Elfingrove is running until the 5th of January 2020.

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